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by Brian Blume

Easy/Medium Concert Percussion

13 Players

Instrumentation: • Glockenspiel • Xylophone • Chimes • Vibraphone • 2 marimbas—low A • 4 timpani • Drums (snare drum, 4 concert toms, concert bass drum) • Cymbals (china cymbal, suspended cymbal, sizzle cymbal) • Accessories (2 triangles, shaker, tam tam, wind chimes, temple blocks)

Detour, by veteran Tapspace artist Brian Blume, is a concise yet engaging journey through life’s little detours. Written largely in 5/4 at a moderately slow tempo, the piece makes for a nice challenge for a beginning-to-intermediate percussion ensemble as they detour their way in and around a four-chord motif. There is a section in the middle that features two short rhythmic solos on concert toms and snare drum.

Blume masterfully crafts this work to be a balance between the excitement of stops and starts and the stability of solid, driving tempo control, and the 3-minute performance time is at just the right length to make the piece usable in a wide range of concert performance slots.

Why take the same old path? A Detour may prove far more interesting…

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