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Remington, Jacob

Advanced Concert Percussion

17 Players

Written to depict the process of searching for new subatomic particles (often referred to as “dark matter” or “anti-matter”) at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) developed by CERN in Switzerland, Collide is a monstrous piece for percussion orchestra that grabs you from the start and never lets go!

Instrumentation: Chimes Glockenspiel Vibraphone 1 Vibraphone 2 Vibraphone 3 Marimba 1 (5-octave) Marimba 2 (5-octave) Marimba 3 (5-octave) Marimba 4 (5-octave) Marimba 5 (5-octave) Marimba 6 (5-octave) Timpani (2 suspended cymbals) Percussion 1 (4 concert toms, gong, snare drum, small suspended cymbal, hi-hat, China cymbal) Percussion 2 (muffled concert bass drum, medium low tom, tam-tam, 20" gong, splash cymbal, medium suspended cymbal, hi-hat) Percussion 3 (static whip, low tom, bell tree, siren, China cymbal, large suspended cymbal, sizzle cymbal, crash China cymbal) Percussion 4 (kick bass drum, ribbon crasher, gong, medium suspended cymbal, splash cymbal)

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