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Citadel of the Stars

Citadel of the Stars

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Perez, Francisco

Medium/Advanced Concert Percussion

13 Players

With influences ranging from Carl Sagan to James Blake to Alejandro Viñao, Citadel of the Stars is a beautiful & colorful work for percussion orchestra that will leave you wanting more, long after the final notes.

Instrumentation: Player 1 (bells, chimes) Player 2 (chimes, crotales) Player 3 (vibraphone 1, bells) Player 4 (vibraphone 2, medium wine glass) Player 5 (xylophone, chimes) Player 6 (marimba 1 [4-oct], large Tibetan singing bowl or wine glass) Player 7 (marimba 2 [4-oct]) Player 8 (marimba 3 [4.5-oct], China cymbal) Player 9 (marimba 4 [5-oct]) Player 10 ( timpani, suspended cymbal) Player 11 (large suspended cymbal, ride cymbal, low cymbal stack, 4 concert toms, large triangle) Player 12 (tam-tam, large triangle, medium suspended cymbal, medium-high cymbal stack, mark tree, upright bass drum, snare drum, small wine glass) Player 13 (concert bass drum, sizzle cymbal, medium triangle, medium-large suspended cymbal, piccolo snare drum)

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