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Black Racer

Black Racer

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by Brian Blume

Medium Concert Percussion

4 Players

Instrumentation: • 2 glockenspiels • Bongos (with sticks) • Temple blocks • Cymbals (small & large splash cymbals, small & large suspended cymbals)

In Black Racer, Brian Blume has crafted an effective piece for intermediate percussion quartets to hone their chamber ensemble skills while communicating intensity and musical sensitivity. Each player has a small multipercussion setup using common instruments found in most high school music programs—a large tom-tom and different sized cymbals. In addition to a set of temple blocks and bongos, two glockenspiels are required on opposite ends of the setup, creating a canonical, antiphonal effect that contrasts the intensity of the non-pitched instruments.

In addition to the printed score you are receiving downloadable:

Individual Parts
Full Recording

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