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Begin Transmission

Begin Transmission

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by John Herndon

Easy Concert Percussion

8–13 Players

Instrumentation: • Glockenspiel • Chimes • Xylophone • Vibraphone • Marimba—low A* • 4 timpani • Drums (snare drum, 2 high toms, 2 low toms, concert bass drum) • Cymbals & gongs (suspended cymbal, ride cymbal, China cymbal, tam tam) • Accessories (triangle, mark tree) *Shared

John Herndon’s Begin Transmission is an exciting work for percussion ensemble designed for students with about one year of experience. The mallet keyboard parts primarily feature step-wise motion and lay very comfortably in the key of D-minor while the chimes and timpani provide harmonic impact. In most cases, rhythms are comprised of quarter notes and eighth notes.

The piece is written for 13 players but fear not! Smaller groups can omit certain specified parts (down to 8 players) or alternately, larger groups can double or even triple parts for an exciting, percussive spectacle. This work provides a great platform for young performers to apply the skills and concepts learned in beginning percussion literature. Let the transmission begin!

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