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At the Dawn of War

At the Dawn of War

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Erickson, Kevin

Advanced Concert Percussion

12 Players

Employing some very unusual "instruments"(i.e. anchor chains, garden weasel) 'At the Dawn of War' is a very emotional work born from an idea to write a piece about a day of war and then interrupted by the events of 9/11. A challenging piece for even the most advanced ensembles, this one bring your ensemble to the brink.

Instrumentation: Player 1 (glockenspiel, doumbek, finger cymbals) Player 2 (xylophone, 2-octave crotales) Player 3 (3-octave Vibraphone) Player 4 (3-octave vibraphone) Player 5 (4.3-octave marimba) Player 6 (4.3-octave marimba) Player 7 (5-octave marimba) Player 8 (5-octave marimba) Player 9 (4 timpani, large suspended cymbal) Player 10 (claves, mark tree, suspended cymbal, finger cymbals, brake drum, splash cymbal, 3 Chinese cymbals, 4 concert toms, temple blocks, ribbon crasher, 2-octave crotales, metal scraper, snare drum, crash cymbals, triangle) Player 11 (brake drum, tam-tam, bell tree, chimes, anchor chains, snare drum, suspended cymbal, bongos, garden weasel) Player 12 (bass drum, tam-tam, ceramic wind chimes, tom-tom, triangle, suspended cymbal, tambourine)

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