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Alter Ego

Alter Ego

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Pat Jacobs

Advanced Snare Drum Solo with Audio

Instrumentation: Concert snare drum(with wire snares)*

*To be played with sticks and wire brushes. Also, an audio PA system will be required for the audio soundscape track(s) per the included audio playback options. 

Stretched, warped, distorted, de-tuned, and mangled. Such was the fate of the recordings composer Pat Jacobs made using only a snare drum in order to create the fresh and energetic soundscape that complements the solo snare drum in this unique piece. Listeners will surely enjoy the high-energy result of the interplay between the soloist and soundscape’s echoing, mocking, and battling alter ego. Medium-advanced in level, this powerful showpiece won first place in the Percussive Arts Society 40th Annual Composition Contest.

Alter Ego is provided as a professionally bound folio and includes audio files with both stereo and mono methods of implementing soundscape and click track.

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