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Aisle Seat

Aisle Seat

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Jeff Queen

Medium-Easy Snare Solo

Instrumentation: Snare drum, Kick drum(with pedal)

Aisle Seat is an accessible, groovy little number for snare drum with kick drum by snare drumming icon Jeff Queen. Written to aid one of his students with their concept of the pulse, the solo incorporates the use of a drumset kick drum with pedal to provide a solid rhythmic foundation against which the snare parts dodge and weave.

The piece should be accessible to younger as well as older players and would make for a gentle introduction to the world of concert-style snare solos for a performer who has some basic drumset skills. And vice versa—a non-drumset playing student can start to get a feel for 3-limb coordination and pulse control by diving into this solo.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your ride in the Aisle Seat. Remember to watch your elbows as the carts come down the aisle!

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